Art for the new year

gg_abstract_fabricAs artists, we have countless ideas at our disposal to create endless work with different media and textures. Presenting the work
with natural and found resources is so much more fulfilling than anything else. I’ve created several masterpieces with mixed media and collages to tell my different stories. You can do the same by interpreting your own emotions through a unique approach.

Best way to create mixed media is to use acrylic paints which can be watered down to use as water color too and use the glazing technique with it. Later on can be mixed with some oils too. Since acrylic dries faster, one needs to work little faster and plan better but it is non-toxic. One can create theme with the collages like music, sports, nature and dance. Collect some materials to represent your interest. Meanwhile, use some found objects from house hold and collage with your original work. You can use your own imagination or get ideas from my paintings which you see it on


In this image, I’ve used fabric, real dried leaves and some special textured paper with veins. It is part of my series: Conserve Our Resources.